Is MY Society

I live in a society, I ought to call mine
where I thrive, sublime.
Poverty and hunger do
make and unmake the society of mine
greed always on the shine.
Bigger, faster, newer always shimmer
I live in a society I ought to call mine
where I thrive, sublime.
fear poverty, fear hunger, fear greed,
watch the shimmer turn us blind.
Make my society fear me
for my society is none but me.
I live in a society I will call mine
where I thrive, definitely sublime.
The purpose of this blog site is not limited. Generally, the blogs are meant for educational purposes. With time taken out and some effort put in to read or even skim through the blogs, will ensure learning about our very own social issues and the ways it affects us daily.
The understanding of our society in its natural, genuine, unbiased form can enable each one of us- humans to live lives in a enjoyable manner. Enjoyment which lasts for a lifetime till our last breath, enjoyment which touches us every single day and does not end with changing seasons, the next morning or after an hour etc. One of the ways enjoyment can last longer is through people living in harmony with each other.
Living in harmony can mean different things. One very important aspect of harmonious living which the blogs highlight is that people should function collectively and not divided and individually organised, as the way we are today. This will minimise risks of exploitation. Hence automatic liberation of individuals from poverty, inhumane living conditions and other related social issues.
 Hopefully, we do get a chance to celebrate being human and liberated, something which is out of fashion these days…



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